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The Fusion Cigar Lounge

The Fusion Cigar Lounge located next to the Clearwater Wine Co. on Mandalay Ave. is a very relaxing and enjoying place to hang out and have a cigar. Their cigar prices are reasonable. They have their own cigar line as well as premium brand name hand-made cigars. I have to say that my favorite so far is the Camacho Corojo Maduro matched with their Jai Alai (India Pale Ale) from Cigar City in Ybor City (Tampa).

Link: Fusion Cigar Lounge Website

Clearwater Super Boat National Championship

Super Boat International is coming back to Clearwater Beach in 2011

The Bright House Clearwater Beach National/Florida Championship is scheduled for Sunday, October 2, 2011. There are events all weekend starting on Friday, September 30, 2011.

Official Event Schedule: 2011 Bright House Clearwater Beach National/Florida Championship Schedule

This is really an amazing event. You can view by boat, from Pier 60, or the beach.

Driving the Bridge to Clearwater Beach!

This is a video showing what its like to drive from Downtown Clearwater to Clearwater Beach. The music and video was done by Sal Belloise a local guitarist and singer.

Sal's Music Website:

Chapel-By-The-Sea - Church on Clearwater Beach

Chapel-By-The-Sea is the only church on Clearwater Beach.

The church welcomes people from different backgrounds and traditions into fellowship. This is one of the most amazing and friendly churches that I have ever attended. After my first visit to the church my wife and I knew that we wanted to become members. They have a big Youth Sunday School program.

Website: Chapel-By-The-Sea
54 Bay Esplanade
Clearwater Beach, FL 33767
Phone: (727) 446-0430

The Party Cab

If you haven't taken a ride in The Party Cab, then you have to call Moses. His newly upgraded van is wrapped with fireworks and looks great.


Phone: (727) 678-2521

It starts with a ball, literally, a disco ball, an then it becomes a party.

Support Moses any time you need a ride anywhere.

Proudly Announcing the Initial Launch of!

I am proud to announce the initial launch of Our Clearwater Beach provides a multi-user blog community so that everyone can register and contribute content to this site. Blogs are an easy way to publish content, both large and small, and you can easily add tags to your blog posts. These tags will help categorize the content to make it easier for others to find information about what they are interested in. The tags will appear at the bottom of each blog post.

Video Tour of Clearwater Beach, FL

This is a great video tour of southern Clearwater Beach with the proposed changes for Beach Walk. Most of these changes have occurred now: Site Upgraded has been upgraded.

The new site will continue to be enhanced with information about Clearwater Beach, FL. Information about where to eat, where to hang out, where to park, etc. will all be a part of this site. The new site will encourage user registration as the site has been designed in a user-centric manner. Social collaboration, multi-user blogging, and polls are all built in to the new site.

Moving Boxes & Supplies

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